Saturday, June 18, 2011



The completed set.

Produced by Emerald City Players, Dublin Ohio

2009 Performance Dates
September 4, 5, 11, 12, 17, 18, 9 at 8:00 pm
September 13 at 2:00 pm

Cast/Crew list
Miss Johnson - Kate Mock
Myrtle Mae Simmons - Megan Pierce
Veta Louise Simmons - Margaret Riggle Collins
Elwood P. Dowd - Andy Crawford
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet - Judy Parker
Ruth Kelly, RN - Kate Mock
Duane Wilson - Don Roberts
Lyman Sanderson, MD - John Grote
William R. Chumley, MD - Dwight Shumway
Betty Chumley - Joyce Roberts
Judge Omar Gaffney - Tim Dougherty
EJ Lofgren - Greg Kurtz

Director - Robert Weesner
Stage Manager - Greg Kurtz
Costumes - Judy Parker
Rehearsal Assistant - Barb Weesner
Light Design - Rick Foster and Alex Foster
Sound and Light Operator - Dave Tucker  

Friday, June 17, 2011


Produced by the Bread And Circus Theatre Company, Hilliard Ohio

2011 Production Dates
May 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 at 8pm, May 15, 2:30 pm
Cast/Crew list
Mrs Munning - Mimi Ninde
Paul Munning - Andrew Heaton
Zack Munning - Will Smith
Virginia Cavender - Sabina Thalheim
Joe Wrigley - Jim McCullough
Martha Wrigley – CJ Jamison
Sally Teale - Jaymee Halley
Mildred Mowatt - Barb Weesner
Harry Showbridge - John Heisler
James Abbott - Doug Davis

Director - Robert Weesner
Stage Manager - John Heisler
Rehearsal Assistant - Lynette D. Grace
Lights/sound - Steve Halley.
Costumer - Mimi Ninde
Make-up and hair styles - D.C. Simpson
Props - Doug Davis
Photographer - Doug Titchenal


Produced by the Little Theatre Off Broadway, Grove City Ohio

Performance Dates
September 15 thru October 7, 2006

Cast/Crew list
Stage Manager – Jim Dippel
George Gibbs – Tony Love
Emily Webb – Jennifer Collins
Mr. Webb – Tom Bolton
Mrs Webb – Barb Weesner
Professor Willard – Colin Classen
Doc Gibbs – Doug Davis
Mrs. Gibbs – Lynne Doyle
Townsperson – Kim Haaf
Constable Warren – Mitchell Haaf
Mrs. Soames – Mary Heger
Sam Craig – Joseph Inch
Joe/Si Crowell – Andrew McCloud
Simon Stimson – Timothy S. Klugh
Wally Webb – Braden McClellan
Townsperson – Tammy McClellan
Rebecca Gibbs – Becca Ross
Joe Stoddard – Ed Schwartz
Howie Newsome – Dan Stanton

Director – Robert Weesner
Technical Director – Scott Jones
Stage Manager – Delora Klugh
Costumes – Patty Bennett
Sound design – Timothy S. Klugh
Props – Tammy McClellan
Light board operator – Cindy Penry
Sound operator – Felice Schwartz

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Produced by the Little Theatre Off Broadway, Grove City Ohio

Production Dates
October 30 thru November 21, 2009

Cast/Crew List
Reuter's Man - Frank Afolabi
Emma Dawson - Donna Allen
Timmy/Hurdy Gurdy Man/Souvenir Salesman - Tyler Austin
Heddie Marcum - Diane Cade
Mayor - John Calland
Rev. Jeremiah Brown - Luther Center
Zeb Chandler - Randy Church
Brady - Larry Cole
Mrs. McLain - Margaret Riggle Collins
E. K. Hornbeck - Andy Crawford
Dunlap - Doug Davis
Judge - Jim Dippel
Cates - Aaron Dursch
Hot Dog Man - Matthew Elmore
Sarah Blake - Jaymee Halley
Bollinger - Rick Holmes
Howard Blair - Tyler Mason
Phil - Ted Mixer
Radio Man - Mark Narens
Davenport - Bob Needham
Mrs. Blaie - Brenda Newsom
Elijah - Carl Novak
Ezekiel Sanderson - Robert Patton
Melinda Loomis - Jenny Schwartz
Violet Robinson - D. C. Simpson
Drummond - Charlie Sloin
Sillers - William Smith
Bannister - Joe Snyder
Mrs. Loomis - Terry Sullivan
Rachel Brown - Elaine Taylor
Meeker - Wally Taylor
Mrs. Krebs - Phyllis Thomas
Lucy Donavon - Marissa Van Horn
Mrs. Brady - Barb Weesner

Director - Robert Weesner
Stage Manager - Mark Narens
Asst. Stage Manager - William Smith
Rehearsal Secretary - Miranda Hinton
Set Design - Dan Stanton
Costumer - D. C. Simpson
Hair styles and make-up - D. C. Simpson and Amanda Hedges
Props Mistress - Donna Allen
Light Board Operator - Theresa Pernrose 

I received a copy of the following email from Dave (last name and address I deleted.) This was typical of comments the show received.
From: Dave ………
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 11:25:20 -0500

Subject: Inherit The Wind Production

I attended my first play at LTOB last evening. I am writing this today because of my experience.

It was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in quite a long while. I have seen plays and musicals downtown, and even in Las Vegas, but your company's production of Inherit The Wind just stopped me in my tracks! It was brilliant. The acting was superb, especially the gentleman who played Mr. Drummond (forgive me, I left my program at the theater by accident). He was exceptional!!!

His counterparts were good as well, but he actually put me there with him in the courtroom. He was so into his character, that he made him seem so natural.

I guess what I am saying is, I was surprised. The set was really very good. For such a small venue, the set director’s use of space was simply great.

I will be attending future plays, but believe me, the bar has been set very, very high.

Thank you for a very enjoyable, wonderful experience.



Jennifer Collins

Elaine Taylor 

Conner Poulin

Produced by Bread And Circus Theatre Company, Hilliard Ohio 

November 12, 13, 19, 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm
November 14 at 2:30 pm


Minstrel - Andy Beyer
Duke of Gloucester/Richard III - Chip Redden
Duke of Clarence - Jim McCullough
Guard/1st Bishop/Richmond - Keith Maloney
Brackenbury/Lord Mayor/Blunt - Doug Davis
Lady Anne - Jennifer Collins
Pall Bearer/Murderer/James Tyrrel/Soldier - Aaron Dursch
Pall Bearer/Lord Rivers - Pete Swingle
Pall Bearer/Norfolk/Bishop of Ely - Adam Wyse
Queen Elizabeth - Elaine Taylor
Lady Rivers - Terry Sullivan
Lady Grey - Brenda Newsom
Lord Buckingham - Carl Novak
Lord Derby/Oxford/Herbert - Andrew Heaton
Queen Margaret - Mony Carpenter
Catesby - Will Smith
Pall Bearer/Priest/Soldier - Matt Allen
King Edward IV - Doug Montanaro
Duchess of York - Margaret Riggle Collins
Will - Conner Poulin
Woman in Court/Igraine/Messinger - Jaymee Halley
Prince Edward - John Heisler
Young Duke of York - CJ Tyree
Hastings/Loed Stanley - Gregg Ashbrook II
Woman in Court/Page/Messinger - Jenny Schwartz

Director - Robert Weesner
Stage Manager - Will Smith
Lights/Sound - Steven Halley
Costumer - Rosemary Cullison
Make-up/hair styles - D.C. Simpson
Properties - Donna Allen

POSTSCRIPT - The play broke all box office records at the Bread And Circus Theatre Company, and was twice listed in a daily entertainment newspaper as "best entertainment in the city."